21 March 2010

What a Week!

First, I will say, everything and everyone is all right, no new injuries to report; and now I'll tell you what happened, well, eventually...

This has been a really hard week for us.  Thomas has had many ministry opportunities that require a lot of planning, not the least of which was preaching this afternoon.  With all his responsibilities he still had the brunt of Isaiah's physical care as my arm continues to heal.  It seems like whenever Thomas is asked to preach, something random always happens to distract or hinder him, such as being "Mr. Mom" for the past 2 weeks.  Thankfully my arm was feeling a bit better yesterday, and I was able to somewhat clumsily take care of all of Isaiah's needs this morning to enable Thomas to finish his final preparations for preaching in Russian.

The day was going well; we made it to church at a decent time and everything.  Then, in the middle of Thomas' sermon Isaiah got his first ever bloody nose.  Isaiah was sitting with me on the front row, quietly listening to Daddy.  I looked down to see his nose and hands covered in blood!

Perhaps needless to say, Thomas couldn't help being a little distracted by my subsequent attentions to his son; but thankfully he was able to get back on track and finish his sermon!  Just another reminder of how we need to pray for those who preach the good news!  They have to be prepared for anything!

And yes, Isaiah is just fine.


Vanessa Greer said...

guess you're going to have to start "oiling" Isaiah's nose - Tamara Nikolaevna noticed my frequent bloody noses and told me to use a cue-tip to swab my nostrils with cooking oil :)i'm not sure how much it helps, but it does seem to give me the sensation that i'm getting ready to fry something ;) i'm praying for you guys!!

simplebeauty said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor guys. And brave momma! I'm happy Isaiah is doing well.

And I think it must have just melted your heart to hear Isaiah say Nadia and pat your tummy! That story melted mine :O)

Praying for you and your family always!!