07 February 2010

Tot School--M Week II

Isaiah is 48 months

This week M was for Motivation, or lack thereof, as the case may be! For some reason this week started out particularly badly for Mama. We did manage to get in some Tot School here and there, but not many pictures because a lot of work was hand over hand.


I hadn't done much matching work with Isaiah, so I thought this would be a good week to start. Inspired by the car cards my husband had printed, we made another set and had Isaiah begin to learn about matching. He did really well with McQueen and Mater, so I added 2 other cars. I think 2 was his limit for now, but that's all right. I was pleased!


While I cut his hair, Isaiah got to practice balancing and standing while watching one of his favorite things: Muppets! He is very good for his haircuts.

We also watched Letter Factory a few times. This will probably be a regular activity for us. I can tell Isaiah is beginning to pronounce his letters much better, and we're working on recognition. He says the sounds with the characters on the DVD now much more frequently! And his M is marvelous!


We worked on pre-writing skills again with his markers, which he has begun to call "colors". So fun to have him identify things! This went horribly this week with lots of whining and tons of resistance. I had to do more hand-over-hand work during this activity than I have in a long time, so obviously something to continue working on.

In the kitchen we enjoyed meatballs this week, and Isaiah started wanting to mix things with his spoon!

I looked at our past M week, and thought that it had gone much better, but this week ended well with celebrating Isaiah's 4th birthday! We worked a lot on teaching him to say "I'm four", and his pronunciation has greatly improved! He even remembers to say "I'm four" instead of "I'm three" sometimes. We celebrated with all things Lightning McQueen, much to Isaiah's delight!

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