06 July 2009

Tot School--M Week

Isaiah is 40 months old

We had a monster of a week! But I mean that in a magnificent way. :)

Bible Verse: We continued with Mark 12:30
And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

I decided to keep this verse because after all this is the greatest commandment. I think it's worthy of 2 weeks.

Bible Story: Moses

Family worship has been in Leviticus (we just read through the Bible, and that's where we are right now), so we've been reading tons and tons about Moses. I didn't do any specific activities with Isaiah about Moses, but we talked about him every day!

And here are some of the other things we did, in no particular order:


I made cookies with Isaiah's help, and he was the Cookie Monster!


I was able to get this little outfit made for Isaiah with the machines that he's growing to love more and more.

Moon and Muppets

For our letter craft, I found a printout of the moon and of Kermit the frog from the Muppets. This covered 2 of Isaiah's current favorites, Moonpowder and The Muppets. Just to tell you how much Isaiah loves his muppets...usually his first word in the morning when I come to get him out of bed is outside. Several times lately he has said uppets before saying outside. Now that should tell you something!


We finally got to meet Birdie Vera Miner! We've been waiting for quite some time now. The day before we were going to get to meet her, I told Isaiah at bedtime, Tomorrow we get to go see Birdie! I mentioned this several times. The next morning, first thing, Isaiah said Outside? Birdie? (which sounds like Buddy, it's so cute!)


Not like the adorable little miss pictured above with her mommy. This is for missing Daddy! Every day Daddy would call and talk to Isaiah, and this is how Isaiah looked while talking to him, except when he was covering the phone with kisses!


I took scraps of material from old sewing projects and put them in 2 of Isaiah's bowels, thinking, of course, he'll love to move them back and forth. The 2nd picture shows you how interesting he found this activity.


Isaiah loves his 'azines as he calls them. My mama graciously sends us some magazines on a fairly regular basis. They're all about North Carolina, where I'm originally from, so I really enjoy them, too!

We also ate at McDonald's (how could we skip that during M week?!). I also made us some meatballs, which were not enthusiastically received for some reason.

We sang My God is so Big, I May Never March..., Majesty, All Must be Well, My Hat Has 3 Corners, The Ants go Marching. Music is always a big part of every day for us! We listen to it, sing it, play it, the works.

We read Moonpowder (over and over and over again!), I Love You, Mommy and of course lots from the Bible.

And finally, M is for...


During bathtime I just couldn't resist giving Isaiah this cute 'do.

(Please ignore the mildew on the wall behind the tub. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed, and it just will not come off. But hey, it's another M for us, right?)

Be sure to enjoy the other Tot Schools linked at 1+1+1=1. And we're getting a notable start for N Week!


Danielle said...

I love the machine outfit! You're so talented! And we're glad you got to meet Birdie during your "M" week!

TheRockerMom said...

So many memorable "M"s. I love the mohawk (and can totally relate to the mildew issue.. I'm frequently embarrassed by my walls and stuff behind RockerTot in my photos). He seems to be getting around so well now! He is such a cutie. I always get such great ideas from you (I'm saving things for this fall when we'll do more alphabet themed weeks.) Thanks so much for sharing!

Kelly said...

Love the picture of Isaiah talking to Thomas on the phone. That is adorable...you can see the excitement on his face...so cute!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Great week! I am happy that your husband is back, and that you enjoy your vacation time. It's always fun to read about your adventures in my native land :)

Ariana said...

I love the pictures of him with the magazines. Really cute!
And the new do' in the bath is awesome ;)