04 January 2010

Getting Settled

Well we made it back safely to Russia. Much to our surprise the city is dealing with the largest amount of snow at one time that it has had in 30 years, maybe even much longer! Traveling around the city takes a lot longer right now, even for regular traffic, so Isaiah and I have been chilling indoors most of the time. We ventured out to the park one afternoon with Thomas, and we made it to church yesterday; but for right now I'm not able to take Isaiah out by myself. Most of the time I've been fine with this situation because I'm having a hard time adjusting to jetlag and I've been feeling pretty crummy.

Anyway, all that to say, we're back. We're getting into the swing of things, mostly, and I hope to post some pictures of our last couple weeks in the States soon because I want to show off Isaiah's new walker and his new skills!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the last of the holiday season. We still have a Christmas to look forward to on the 7th!


Kelly said...

Glad you are back safely!! I'm bummed that I've missed you guys the past couple of times Thomas has spoken at Beacon (we've been out of town). I want to catch up with you next time you're in for an extend time!! ;0)

simplebeauty said...


I'm so glad that you guys are back home (Russia) safely!! Hurrah!!

Thank you for you comment on faith the other day. It was a help to know that I'm not the only one who at times struggles with this!! Actually it brought tears to my eyes. It ended up being a very rough week towards the end of last week so kind words were well kind of healing for me!

I hope you overcome jetlag very soon!! And Merry Christmas on January 7th :O)