02 October 2009

An Uncreative Title

I was just glancing at my blog roll while I wait for some clothes to finish in the washing machine (have I mentioned how much laundry I can get done here in one day? It's amazing!). Anyway. As I was glancing over the blog roll I realized how much I have been missing the past 2 months in my unplanned blog hiatus. I think that next week should be something like a normal, predictable week for us, and I hope to both catch up a little on my blogging as well as on what all my blogging friends are doing.

But for those who are wondering, we are doing well. We enjoyed a little vacation to Chattanooga, TN, despite a wreck on the way home, from which I think we are fully recovered. Then my husband's parents visited us for a few days and then my mom for about a week. That particular week we had at least 1 if not 2 doctor/medical appointments every day! It was quite hectic, but lots of fun.

We're slowly making progress on some little home projects and trying to spend time with friends. I have tons of cute pics of Isaiah that I want to share, including him stylin' in his new wheelchair and working hard in therapy. Lord willing, Saturday he will also have new leg braces that will make it possible for him to stand up!

We have also been blessed with a new niece! We hope to go meet her face to face on Monday.

So that's an incredibly brief and sadly incomplete update, but I will endeavor to post again soon. Thanks for your patience and prayers!


The Schwant Family said...

fun to read a post even if it leaves me yearning for more!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks for the encouragement, dear friend. :)