26 September 2009

At the Ballpark!

One of our favorite things to do in America is America's Favorite Past time. Here are some shots from our visits to the ballpark in MS.

One night Thomas got us really good seats! I've never been so close to the action at a baseball game. Unfortunately, it also rained, so we spent about 4 innings further away under cover, but we enjoyed a good bit of the game up close, too.

When my dad came down for a couple nights, we got to go to the next to last MBraves game for the season. Isaiah was doing so well after his surgery that we couldn't pass up this opportunity to go to the park.

Little Man decided he needed more than just his hotdog, so when I wasn't paying as much attention, he took mine out of my hand and chowed down!

We had quite a night! Isaiah won a pizza and was given 3 baseballs, and one of those balls was signed! And of course, it was just great hanging out with family.

And someday I'll post some more about what's been going on. I really will. Eventually. Today we are heading to Hattiesburg to visit with family and to visit a new church. Please pray for our safety and good times!