26 August 2009


Did you ever see Father of the Bride? Remember that part when Steve Martin is at his daughter's future in-law's house and he's sneaking around and finding their bank book and then being chased by the dogs, but he can't remember the special word to call off the dogs? I know that I can't help shouting release at the TV every time I watch the movie, just knowing that he'll hear me and remember the word this time.

But that really has nothing to do with what I want to tell you, except that it makes me laugh and tomorrow morning we'll be dealing with the word release.

Tomorrow at 6 am we head to the hospital for Isaiah's surgery. He'll be having what's called a tendon release (see, there was a little connection) in his right heel, his left ankle and behind his left knee. The orthopedist surgeon (Dr. M) said it's minor, routine surgery; to which I replied, For You! But he's a neat guy and understood I meant no disrespect. The goal of the surgery is to relax these tendons so that his cute little legs will be able to be straight and flexible and receive help to do their job of bearing his weight.

Isaiah will be first or second for surgery, the actual procedure only taking about 30 minutes. Dr. M said the casting of his legs after the surgery will take longer than the surgery itself.

Yes, casting. He'll have a cast on each leg for about 3 weeks. I'm really curious what that will be like for Little Man who loves to increase his mobility but doesn't understand time yet.

But at least it doesn't effect his ability to watch baseball (or muppets)!

When the casts come of, he'll be fitted for braces that will indeed help increase that mobility, in fact, the goal is to get him standing!

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I would appreciate your prayers for Isaiah and mama and papa tomorrow morning and the following days of recovery. All you parents know exactly what we're thinking and feeling, I'd imagine, and how ready we are for tomorrow morning to be behind us.


simplebeauty said...


I have just read your post and you are and your family have been lifted up in prayer and will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow during his surgery! I'm trying to get "caught" up in blogland without getting "caught up" if you know what I mean! I see that you guys won the icecream! HURRAH!!!

Many smiles this day!

Kelly said...

We will be praying for you all tomorrow!!! We know Isaiah is in the Lord's hands, and we pray this surgery will help him tremendously!!!

Dana said...

We will be praying for all of you!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks for the prayers! Isaiah did great! I'll post an update after he goes to bed tonight. He was such a trooper!

RSchulte said...

I certainly identify with the "release" mom and dad must go through in giving your child over to the surgeon's hands. So glad to hear he did well. Will look forward to reading an update....