11 July 2009

My Husband Rocks

This time I was actually late for this post on purpose! My husband rocks because he gave us a new kitchen floor! He did all this work himself with his own very capable and talented hands. He's quite a man!

Here are some before pics, though they really don't convey the true disgustingness of our kitchen floor!

Isaiah enjoyed watching his daddy work, we just had to keep him at a safe distance, not an easy task.

And here's my wonderful husband feeling awkward in this picture displaying his handiwork.

I LOVE our new floor. But I love my husband more, and not just because of the new floor.


The Schwant Family said...

WOW! that is amazingly impressive!!

atkins7330 said...

I am so impressed. Just think I have some of Thomas' work here at my home too. "The Thomas Steps"! You can do my kitchen anytime. Love you.

Kelly said...

The floor looks great...so nice to have a "handyman" for a husband!!

mom slawson said...

Beautiful floor. So glad he could make you apt feel fresher and cleaner and prettier.

Danielle said...

Looks great! Good job, Thomas!

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

Wow! I am impressed! Tell Thomas the Nelson's will have a few projects waiting for him when y'all get back to the states! :)