02 June 2009

Tot School--F Week

This week F is for FINALLY!  I finally got this post done, and in all honesty, we finally did some Tot School!

So here's some stuff that we did...

Bible Verse:
Proverbs 18:24b  There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Bible Story:
Flood--we played a lot with his ark and his animals, but you've seen pictures of that already, and I actually didn't take any new ones, so you'll just have to trust me on that one.  And during baths we talked about all the water that there must have been during the flood, and Isaiah tried to get me wet.

F is also for...

Fun with Friends

Isaiah's friend Lydia celebrated her 3rd birthday.  I don't think Isaiah could have had any more fun than he did on this day, playing with the other little people.  And Lydia's daddy was so nice to help him really participate in the games as well!  We love our friends!


I don't have a picture, but Isaiah and I got to make a face at the birthday party, too.  It was a really fun craft.  One of the moms had cut out different facial features for the kids to choose from and make different faces.

And sadly, F is also for fever, which is what Isaiah had several days this week, another reason for the delayed post, and really not that many activities.  Thankfully F does NOT stand for fever seizures!  We are praising God that it seems like Isaiah might be outgrowing those really terrible things!


I told you to expect this one, didn't I?  Only it didn't quite play out the way that I had in mind, but that's ok.  Since Isaiah was sick we had some special family time.  His grandparents don't often get to spoil him with fun, fanciful, frolicking toys (just had to get some more F's in here somehow, because we really did use them a lot!), but thanks to financial freedom, this week he got a special treat from his faithfully fond grandparents in forever hot Louisiana, his very own computer!


And since my favorite flower is a daisy, I found a print out of a stencil to make one, and we did.

Fine Motor Skills

We work on fine motor skills all the time, but this week Isaiah showed some fabulous progress!  He taught himself how to unscrew a bottle cap.  We figured out that he could do this when we found Zicam powder all over him and a good bit of the kitchen.  Now we know not to give him a bottle unless it's ok for him to open it or it's childproof!

He's almost got the knack of fitting the cap back onto the bottle, too.  But don't you just love this face!
We also sang:  Five Fat Freckled Frogs, This is my Father's World, and some other songs that I can't remember, as usual.

We don't have that many F books, but we did enjoy Beatrix Potter's book about Mr. Jeremy Fisher.  I've also started reading The Adventures of Frog and Toad every time Isaiah takes a bath.

He is also doing a fantastic job learning his letter sounds.  We've been watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory, and he gets really into it now.  It's so much fun to hear him repeat the sounds!

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simplebeauty said...

This sounds like you had a Fantastic week!!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks! We did enjoy ourselves to the fullest. :)

mom slawson said...

Fully enjoyed the Fun F week of school my Favorite 3 year old grandson.