03 June 2009

SEW: Just One of the Gang

If only you could have heard his laughter!  I think Isaiah enjoyed the Pin the Tail on Eeyore more than anyone else.  And I love how my friends just included Isaiah in all the games at the birthday party, even taking him from me so that he could play and I could enjoy watching him enjoy himself.  We are blessed.


Julie said...

That is wonderful! What great friends you have. I'm so glad he got to enjoy himself! This picture tells such a great story. I love all the "characters"...if that makes any sense. =)

Stephanie said...

He looks so happy!

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

This is a great picture! And it does sound like you have wonderful friends. : )

CristyLynn said...

Julie, I love your "characters" comment, but it is more accurate than you know!

He was ridiculously happy!

We do have tremendously wonderful friends. I thank God for them!

Thanks for the sweet comments!