20 June 2009

A Great Giveaway

One of the sites that I follow was featuring some giveaways, so I checked them out. Lots of times these giveaways are for things that are for girls, so they don't really apply for my little man. This time however, I was really excited to see what was being offered in the giveaway.

I had never heard of Jack and Lily shoes for babies and toddlers, but I think I'm in love! Go check out this great review of their product, but don't register for the tremendous giveaway, because I want to win it. :) Just kidding, of course! I would be thrilled for any friends of mine to win something as grand as these cute little shoes.

I think the reason that I got so excited is because the sandals and boots that they have actually look like a design that would fit Little Man's difficult to fit feet! Since he's not walking on his feet, his foot development has been a little odd. Finding shoes for him can be a real challenge, especially boots. But I won't bore you with all those details, just go read the giveaway for yourself and then check out the shoes at Jack and Lily!

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Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

Thank you so much for blogging about the giveaway!!