18 June 2009

Family Day in the Park

Last Saturday was BEAUTIFUL, and if I could emphasize that through the typed word any more emphatically, I would do so.  After days and days of rain prior to Saturday and then again since Saturday, our day of family fun in the park is like a mental oasis...oh, it really can be warm and sunny and lovely and like summer in this city!

We packed up a picnic in our special picnic backpack (rather than picnic basket) and headed for Муринский Парк, this amazingly green park with a river flowing through the middle of it that has bike paths and walking paths and tons of luscious green grass (no, I'm not exaggerating here, it is luscious).  We even bought ice cream after lunch as we leisurely walked around the park soaking in the longed-for sunshine!

So, of course, I took a few pictures (with Isaiah's "words"):

What's Daddy doing?  That's what I want to do, too!

Why would anyone want to be inside when they could be outside?  What could they possibly be thinking!

What a great day!


Reed, Anna and Emily said...

Those are great pictures of yall with Isaiah and I just love the boys matching hats! :)

Will and Carrie said...

Fun, fun, and more fun! There is nothing quite like the sun shinning on you! What a relaxing and great time. I am sure you will be spending many more sun filled days there!