16 May 2009

An Update You Didn't Know You Needed

Life is always interesting...

Yesterday I thought Isaiah might be getting an ear infection, which would be his first ever.  

He woke up from his nap with a very high fever (102.2, and later went about 103) and was not his usual perky little self.  I gave him a fever-reducer, praying that it would kick in and prevent his fever from spiking further and bringing on a fever-induced seizure.  I also called Thomas and we arranged for a doctor's visit later in the evening.

Anyway, long story short--Isaiah has a UTI, which really surprised me and, I think, the doctor; there was nothing wrong with his ears afterall.  BUT for the first time EVER when having a UTI, he has NOT had a fever-induced seizure!  I can't explain the relief that this has brought us!  Usually a UTI means, Gear up, Mom and Dad, here come the seizures!  But God has seen fit to prevent them this time, and we are incredibly grateful!

To those of you who knew about our trip to the doctor and prayed for no seizures, thank you!  Please continue to pray, as usually the first few days of an infection also mean several days of a fever going up and down.  We are really excited about the prospect of Isaiah having grown out of these fever seizures!

It's funny (sort of) how God works sometimes:  Thomas and I have been pushing really hard lately and were feeling the need for a few days to stop and do nothing.  And now that's what we have.  All we have to do these next few days is take care of Isaiah.  Thomas was able to cancel some appointments so that he could stay home with us, as part of taking care of Isaiah also means regularly getting up during the night, which means being pretty tired the next day--it's really nice to have another adult around to help!

So anyway, that's part of what's been going on around here lately.  Now aren't you glad you know. :)


The Schwant Family said...

I'm so sorry he is sick but so thankful he hasn't had a fever seizure! I'll be praying for a quick recovery and lots of rest for all of you!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, E! Still no seizures, so we're thrilled! Last night was more restful, too, even with getting up every few hours to give him fever-reducers--it really wasn't that bad. :)