17 May 2009

Novgorod--Take Two

All right, finally catching up again on some posts that are old, ok, maybe even very old, but at least the grandparents will enjoy the pics of Isaiah, right?

We enjoyed our trip back to Novgorod more than we anticipated, since it had been planned for us and we were kind of told we were going. :)  Actually, it was very nice.  The weather was beautiful, the company quite nice, and did I mention that the weather was beautiful?

We went back to several of the places where we had been before, except in the snow.  They looked a little different this time around.

Here's the monastery without the snow and ice, so I didn't fall down in front of large groups of people this time.  Many of the buildings were being restored and under scaffolding, so we didn't take that many pics.  This pic is leading up to one of the renovated churches that is still an active meeting place.

The first time we were there, we couldn't even get down to this river area.  This time there were people grilling on the banks of the river.  Gorgeous!

We went back to the Wooden Village, too.  It was easier to see the detail on the homes this time, especially since I didn't have to go searching for a place to change or cath Isaiah!

Isaiah with our friend Marta, also from our church, on one of the fun swings in the village.

Isaiah and I with his new friend, Daniel, the oldest son of the pastor with whom we stayed.

Some things inside the homes.  TL:  The living area where a family would eat, play, worship.  And in this case, family meant grandparents, mom, dad and lots of children.  TR:  A musical instrument similar to an accordion, but not.  BL:  A work area in the "downstairs" area of the home.  BR:  Of course I had to get a picture of the sewing machine!

And here's a whole group, minus Thomas who was taking the picture and the 2 youngest kids of the pastor who were at home with a friend.

One of the churches in the village.  I think there were 3, actually, but I can't remember for sure.

Isaiah was, of course, just thrilled to be outside!

His new friend Daniel was so sweet with him!  Daniel wanted to help push the stroller all the time and entertain Isaiah.  I always feel so happy when we meet new children and those children love my child!

Unfortunately, I got sick Friday afternoon and we had to return earlier than planned.  Overall though, the trip was a great success, with connecting with more believers and enjoying some fellowship.  Thomas was able to attend a special service and talk about the work that we are doing here and hoping to do in Siberia.  And we got tons of Russian practice!

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Danielle said...

Hi Cristy! I'm just catching up on reading your blog. This trip to Novgorod definitely looks more appealing than when we went! :)