17 May 2009

Tot School--E Week

This week was a little different, but I don't really know why.   I don't have many pictures, but we did do some other activities, so words will just have to suffice.

Unfortunately I didn't do that well with a Bible verse for this week.  I just had a hard time choosing one, and then I didn't talk about any of them very much with Isaiah.

Bible Story:  Elijah
We enjoyed reading from his Russian children's Bibles about Elijah.  We read about Elijah's faithfulness to God when lots of other people were not faithful, and we read about the altar that shouldn't have burned, but God made it burn!

E is for 


I found this elephant mask online, but have since lost the web address.  It was something about Go, Diego, Go!, but I don't really know what that is, since it's not on Russian television. :)

Isaiah wasn't too thrilled with this thing on his face.

So we pulled out his elephant foam puzzle square from his really awesome foam mat from Aunt Emily, Uncle Rich and Luke.  He seemed to enjoy taking all the pieces out, but didn't really care about putting them back.

Our friend Deanna also came over for supper one night, and she brought Isaiah a really cute stuffed elephant because she knew we were working on E, but I didn't get a picture of them together like I should have! 

Aunt Emily

For some reason, it had been a while since we looked at Isaiah's family book (get ready for more that next week!), so I pulled it out and he loved on the pictures of his family, oh so far away.


I don't have pictures of this, but Isaiah really liked playing with his plastic eggs again this week.  He could even get them apart!  I finally remembered to save an egg carton for him to put them in, and he could do it!  I wasn't sure about his ability to put them in specific spots, rather than just a big bowl.  I was pretty excited about this new development!  He also did well picking up the color egg that I asked for, though he wasn't interested in naming them himself.


This sort of happened by accident.  We unexpectedly had to eat lunch out one day due to no electricity, and Isaiah got a pyramid-shaped toy with his lunch.  (yet again no picture)  We hid treasures in his pyramid and talked a little bit about Egypt.


Who is the main character of one of Isaiah's favorite books, Moonpowder, which obviously doesn't start with an E, but Eli does.  And Isaiah sounds really cute when he says that name!

At the end of the week, Isaiah got sick, so we've been focusing on keeping his fever down and limiting our activities.  Hopefully next week Mama will be more "with it" and plan ahead a little better!

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TheRockerMom said...

I feel so bad. We just work on the letters and sounds and not so many themed activities. I'll have to add more in. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a great week.