07 February 2009

What a 3 Year Old Looks Like...

...celebrating his day!

Eating breakfast, he really enjoyed his egg!

And then he wanted to love on the box of coffee filters.  I don't ask sometimes.
After breakfast we got ready to go to the clinic for the first prenatal visit.  Thomas had a lesson, so Isaiah and I got to navigate this new territory all on our own.  It was quite an adventure, including wandering around for about 45 minutes in beautiful snowy weather.  I didn't take the camera with us (one less thing to carry!), but I wish that I had because I could have had some great pictures of Isaiah enjoying some extra outside time on his special day.  He didn't mind that I couldn't find the clinic right away (but that's another post).  We "met" our baby, which I think he really enjoyed because he kept saying "baby" over and over again.  And I just have to brag on how good he was at the doctor's appointment!  He was patient and didn't fuss at all!  Such a big boy!

We had a special lunch at Teremok, one of our favorite Russian cafes that serves blini, special Russian pancakes.  Isaiah LOVES blini, so he was excited to eat his ham and cheese blin and flirt with everyone in the cafe.

Then it was home to get ready for the party!

Greeting some of his guests, Aunt Luda and Lydia and her parents.

Slava was able to come with both his parents!  Here he is with his papa Igor.

Our first "kids table"!  I think Isaiah enjoyed having this special spot to eat with his friends, with careful adult supervision, of course!

We had hotdogs, hamburgers and french fries.  Isaiah chowed down on some hotdog and french fries!

When it was time for cake and presents, we had fun being big kids and playing around with our party hats on!  Here's Oksana striking a pose for me.

Lydia's dad seemed to enjoy himself, too. :)

Our wonderful American friends in St. P.

We didn't have tons of decorations, but Isaiah enjoyed the ones that we did have.

Time for presents!  I think Isaiah is pretty crazy about his Aunt Luda!  I'm also pretty sure that the feeling is mutual!  She gave him some great toys for Tot School!

Slava gave him some great books to help him learn Russian.

He kept checking out his hat and blowing raspberries between gifts.  His way of saying "thank you", I guess.

Lydia made him a really great card.  He kept looking at her all googly-eyed after she gave it to him.  It was too cute!

We gave Isaiah a special album with all his family in it.  We left two empty spaces for the nieces or nephews coming this fall!

Thomas found Isaiah this great magnetic drawing toy, which was a big hit with some of us grown-ups, too.  Ah, sweet memories!

Aunt Luda brought Isaiah this YUMMY cake with chocolate and cherries on top!

And of course there was some major play time going on all evening!

So, here's what our family looks like with a 3 year old!

I think Isaiah enjoyed his day because we got tons and tons of hugs and kisses all day long!  We love you, Little Man!


atkins7330 said...

Isaiah you looked like you were having a wonderful day to turn three. Tell your mommy thank you for sharing it with us and also tell Aunt Luda the cake looked yummy!!!

The Schwant Family said...

Looks like a GREAT day!!! I hope Mama is feeling ok after using all that energy! Can't wait to hear about the Dr. apt!

JAB said...

I loved all the pics. I felt like I was apart of the day. Happy Birthday, dear one! Nice job, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

happy belated bday!!!!

looks like you had a great 3rd bday my LO is turning 3 in march!!! where does the time go!

man that cake looks sooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!