18 February 2009

Ok, Give Me Your Opinion, Please

In case you've missed the news somehow, we're in the market for a double stroller.  :)  I've been doing some research on these big, expensive things, and decided that it's time to seek the wisdom of those around me.  Ok, maybe not exactly around me, as in nearby, but as in other people who have really good ideas.

I've looked at the Bob double jogging strollers-- really great, but probably out of our price range!

I've looked at the inStep double jogging strollers, too.  And some Schwinns.  I haven't looked as much at the 4-wheeled strollers, but I'm sure that they are nice, too, so tell me about those, if you know anything!

I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed with the options and the prices.  I think that I'd really like a jogging stroller, but that drives up the price a good bit.  Keep in mind that Isaiah will be in this stroller for a while longer, so allowed weight and height might be an issue.  Also this stroller will probably be used every single day on uneven sidewalks and rough park paths, so durability is a must!  We've already overworked one stroller in less than a year!

Basically, just tell me what you like, or what your friends like, or what you think is cool.  We'll most likely buy something in the States because these sorts of things cost a lot less there, and they don't sell strollers at IKEA.

Thanks ahead of time!


The Schwant Family said...

you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE our phil and teds stroller...it does about 1,000 cool things including converting from a single to a double stroller and they ride stacked vertically instead of horizontally so it isn't wide and bulky. It also has a bassinet for baby two - lots of double strollers say babies can't be in them till 4 months of so. It is a great jogging stroller but I use it as our every day stroller too. The prices are pretty high but I've seen some used ones that were reasonable. Good luck!!!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, E! I was counting on you. I remembered you doing a post about your stroller a long time ago, but I didn't take the time to look for it. :)

I was looking at the Phil and Ted strollers (wondering about future adventures), and I couldn't tell if the weather cover covered the kid in the back. Do you know? Have you used it as a double yet? If so, does the kid in the back get shaded at all or bored if they can't see what's coming? I need to do some more research on these, especially if I can find a used one! Not having the bulkiness of the side-by-side would probably be a big help over here where doors are nowhere near "standard".

Thank you!

The Schwant Family said...

Hey! Not sure about the cover thing - thats a good question! I'd guess the make one but I'm not sure. I've used it as a double quite a bit. So far Jack has loved it, I think he just likes it because it is different. Until the baby is big enough to sit all the way up the older child rides on top in the seat that attaches where the bar usually is. I haven't used it that way but I know Jack will love riding up high! I'll go do a little more research and write you back.

The Schwant Family said...

Check this out, it does cover both children:


I've been coveting this for a while too - it buckles into the stroller when it is in the newborn position and can be lifted right out. Looks so warm and cozy for a new baby.


js said...

Mclaren is a good, sturdy brand. They are side by side and hold up to 110 lbs. They say they are suitable for newborns.

CristyLynn said...

Thanks for the help, friends!

E-I was finally able to check out those links, and they were very helpful.

J-I have been looking at the Mclaren as well. One big plus is that they are actually sold here, which means I might be able to get things fixed should anything unexpected happen.

I really appreciate y'all!