16 February 2009

How We Celebrate Valentine's Day

Well, actually we kind of forgot about Valentine's Day in general.  Thomas and I have never been big on the holiday, not anti-Vday, but not really into it either.  Hooray for those of you who enjoy it lots and lots.

Our Valentine's Day was really full though.  I had a 5-hour lesson for the majority of the day.  When I got back, though, we all headed out to Mega, our refuge of cleanliness and order.  We visited the Swedish Embassy (aka IKEA) and bought a bed.

A Big Boy Bed!

It was too late to set it up that night, but Sunday we had it ready to go for nap time.

Isaiah was Daddy's helper.

Isaiah LOVES his new bed.  We put it on him to see how he'd react, and then he got really upset when we picked him up because he just wanted to hang out on his new bed.

Night, night, Little Man.  Sweet dreams.

(and I'm happy to report that his first night in the Big Boy Bed went very well)


atkins7330 said...

Isaiah I love your bed and especially your quilt. Did you know that your Great-Grandmother Mitchell made that quilt. Your momma picked it out just for you out of all the baby quilts GG made. I know she would be pleased to see it on your bed. I hope you enjoy it for years to come.

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

What a precious little bed! He looks so big in it! :)

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, Anna! I was thinking how small he looked in it at first, but now he looks bigger to me, too. :)

Glad you remembered the quilt, Mama. I think of Grandma every time I look at it, and I smile to myself. Isaiah seems to really like it. He'll look at it when he first gets in bed and pat it and talk to the little bears. It's really cute.

Grandma Slawson said...

That's the sweetest picture....seeing Isaiah in his new BIG bed. So glad he likes it!