23 January 2009

Travel, Jetlag, Doctors, Friends

Having a cold has some benefits, I suppose.  For instance, at the moment I can just sit around and between coughing and sneezing and blowing my nose, take the time to do some updating on the blog.  So here goes...

We praise the Lord for safe travels from Russia to America!  No delays, no landing on the Hudson River, etc.  Here's how Isaiah traveled in the airport.  We checked his stroller and carried him in his new Kelty Kids TC 3.0 that I am now absolutely LOVE!
We arrived safely in Atlanta and slept at a friend's house before driving to Jackson the next day.  Driving the car again was fun!  We found some good radio stations and hit the road!  Naturally we stopped along the way for some Dreamland Barbeque!

Once in MS we stayed with the Nott family.  We were able to adjust to the time difference farily well.  Ok, honestly that first night in MS was TERRIBLE!  Isaiah woke up at 2:15 am and kept on trucking ALL DAY!  Here he's playing with one of the Nott boys later that morning.

Isaiah's doctors' visits went very well, praise the Lord!  We had good reports and made plans for the future when we return for a few months.  We'll be working hard to get Isaiah in an upright position with just the right equipment.  We're excited about what the Lord has planned for him!

Though we couldn't see everyone that we wanted to visit, we were able to get in some special time with some friends.  Saturday Isaiah and I drove into Yazoo City and saw some friends.  Isaiah had fun playing with some of his old friends.

Sunday Thomas preached at 2nd Presbyterian Church, and we had lunch with the Gilbert family.  They had the first of several birthday cakes for Isaiah and me.  Isaiah had tons of fun playing with the 4 girls; in fact, for the first time in a long time, he cried and resisted his nap because it meant having to stop playing.

So while he napped, Thomas took up the playing responsibilities.

We enjoyed our time in MS very much!  Thanks to all our friends who helped make the time special, though it was very short.

Oh, and Isaiah got a special goodbye from a really sweet little girl!

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I betcha Thomas is great at playing the Ken doll part.:)