23 January 2009

Baton Rouge--Cooler in January

Thomas' parents came to pick us up from the Notts' house to take us to Isaiah's last doctor's appointment.  Thankfully everything went well this appointment also.  Isaiah was happy to see his grandparents!

We were excited to see all of Thomas' family, of course!  We couldn't believe how much our little nephews had grown.  We had fun playing with all the nieces and nephews.

Isaiah and his grandma were breakfast buddies.

And this is how a jetlagged little boy sleeps--safe and sound in Mama and Daddy's bed.

We enjoyed tons of outside time, including walks...

...ball pits...

...and swings.

Grandma is a great reader!

Thomas looked really hard on these guitars for our older nephews.

Thomas received the first donation for the Tuvan Bible Project from a Sunday school class in Baton Rouge.

And we were able to be in the service for Luke's dedication!

And here's the whole Slawson clan; quite the group, huh?  And they're all pretty great!

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Rich and Emily Rachal said...

We had such a great time! Luke misses his playmate! Love the pictures. I have to wonder though... what is Rich doing in the family photo!!!