01 January 2009

At Last...Christmas Day!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day, though it didn't start out quite as we had anticipated--though nothing was bad!  I got up to get the turkey ready then waited for my boys to wake up.  It took a lot of self-control, let me tell ya!

At last Isaiah woke up about 7:30, but poor Little Man was so tired, that he really wasn't all that interested in opening his stocking or investigating his St. Nicholas gifts.  We tried some breakfast to try to perk him up, but eventually we had to lay him down for an early nap!  Not at all what I had thought would happen on Christmas morning!

It turned out really well though, as we then opened presents after he woke up (2 hours later!), and we enjoyed a very relaxing morning.  We don't have many pictures from our present opening (sorry family, but we did enjoy the gifts you sent us!).  We did take a lot of video that Thomas will be working on like he did last year.

Christmas afternoon the Gerig family came over to enjoy our meal and just hang out with us the rest of the day.  We ended the day together in the park near our house, reveling in the snow!

I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did because then it would have been quite grand!  Merry Christmas!


Rich and Emily Rachal said...

All of your Christmas festivities looked like so much fun! Isaiah got a lot of nice stuff. I think Luke would be jealous of the tent:)
I also love how you had caroling at the house. What a great idea.
We can't wait to see you in a few days!

CristyLynn said...

We did have a great time--and it's not over yet! We've got some celebrating to do south and west of here!
Love you!