17 December 2008

When a Want Becomes a Need

A couple weeks ago Isaiah and I went to the post office to pick up a package.  We were excited--Isaiah because it takes 30 minutes to walk to the post office, which pretty much guarantees him an hour OUTSIDE; me because who doesn't love getting packages?!

It was snowing.  It was beautiful.  I decided to take a new route to make things a little more interesting.  This was part of the way that I went:

You probably can't tell, but under that snow is nothing but mud.  Did you know that snow and mud make something akin to quicksand?  I know that now.  And there was no sidewalk this direction, which I also know now.

After traversing this miry muck for about 20 minutes, I took a break at a bus stop:
Yeah, Isaiah was just as happy as he could be and laughing at my flushed face.

We trekked on the remaining distance and made it to the post office and picked up our coveted package.  Then we went home the normal way!

Thomas called while I was navigating the stroller over the snow and ice.  "My feet are cold and soaked, but I do have the package!"  
My sweet husband told me to go get new boots...I had been wanting some, so it worked out pretty well, I'd say.

(oh yeah, that last picture is what my socks looked like after I got home and peeled them off my feet)


Will and Carrie said...

How fun getting a package!! We get bills in the mail =( Can't wait to see the new boots!

teachingtinytots said...

yippee package! :)
yippee new boots!:)

and yes slushy snow makes a muddy mucky mess! :(

CristyLynn said...

Oh yeah, I should have put a picture of the new boots on here, too. I think they're really cute; I just don't often take pictures of my feet.