15 December 2008


3rd week of November 2007; February 6, 2008

I want to praise God that these were the last dates since Isaiah had a UTI and a seizure, respectively.  Yesterday Thomas and I were reminded of the goodness and grace of God for over a year without a UTI and about 10 months without a seizure.

Thank you, Lord for taking care of our son!  Thank you for doctors that have given us their email and phone numbers (some even their home numbers!) for us to contact them while we are so far away.  Thank you for friends who pick up and send us meds from the States that are provided through insurance.  Thank you that we can find some meds here when necessary.  Thank you that our second year in Russia has not had the medical drama that our first six months did!  Thank you for helping us to learn to trust you more completely as you teach us and show us your faithfulness.  Please continue to help us trust and rest in you.


js said...

Praise the Lord!

mom slawson said...


Reed, Anna and Emily said...

Praise the Lord!

Heather Smith said...

And thank you for the reminder to Thank God for the things that are so readily available to me that I take for granted everyday! I just found your blog! Love it!!

CristyLynn said...

Thank you, my friends--God is good all the time. (even when there are seizures and UTI's and such!)

Nice to meet you, Heather. Thanks for reading and have a grand day!