13 November 2008

My Favorite Handyman

I love my husband.  A LOT!  He helps me keep things in perspective when I get all out of whack, he plays and cares for Isaiah beautifully, he's amazingly creative, he plays the guitar and sings (which I find quite attractive!).  But on top of all these things, and many others, as a matter of fact, he can figure out how to fix things.  He's a great handyman.

For example, our toilet room (yes the room with the toilet, not the bathroom, not even a half-bath with toilet and sink, just the toilet) was in pretty pitiful condition.  Someone, not a professional, had tiled the walls.  The tile was falling off.  Every time I sat and did my business, I wondered if the tile would make it through my necessary time.  Thankfully the only tiles that did fall were low enough to not harm anyone.

Thomas decided that something must be done!  

First, he cut down all the tile.

Second, he created a great dust cloud while sanding down the walls and getting rid of the 3-inch thick mortar (or whatever that grey stuff is that the person used to stick the tiles to the wall).  He kept us safe from the dust cloud as best he could, while subjecting himself to the worst of it.

Third, he put up this really unique and lovely wallpaper.  The pictures don't make it clear, but the paper has a great texture.  When he first unrolled it, the paper smelled just like tea.

Fourth, he put these nice wooden strips down at the bottom of the paper.

And finally, he painted the wall above the wallpaper and then put up these really cool foam ceiling tiles.  We now have a safe and attractive toilet room.

Thank you to my wonderful, handsome, creative, intelligent, attractive and amazing husband!  I love you!


atkins7330 said...

And just think he built my steps in the garage.

Kelly said...

Good job Thomas!! It looks great!! I know you are thankful to have your own personal handy man. I love how you have a toilet room...we do too...but we planned it that way (although ours turned out a little smaller than expected...it looks about the same size as yours). At least we have privacy! Too Funny!!

Dana said...

Oh man Cristy that was funny!
Wow Thomas did a beautiful job. Wondering if it was difficult to get tools he needed. Hope they were more democratic than your oven.

CristyLynn said...

Yes, Mom, he did, but just remember the conditions.... :)

Kelly, I think that the separate room is nice, but I must admit that I wish that it was a tad bit larger, oh well. It works. :)

Dana, glad you enjoyed it. Thankfully, Thomas was able to find everything that he needed. It did make him itch to get some more power tools, though! Maybe for Christmas....

mom slawson said...

Wow, I'm impressed.!! I've had a wonderful handyman husband for 41 years (Thomas' dad) and it's been great. I'm proud of you son.