15 November 2008

Harvest Festival

Today we had a special treat.  The school where Thomas directs choir and speaks in chapel has an annual Harvest Festival.  This event is probably similar to some Halloween festivities, in that anyone who wants to can dress up in the designated theme.  The Harvest Festival is in actuality a fundraiser for the school, just in case you were wondering.  There are games that you buy tickets to play, food, and a costume contest.  This year's theme was The Movies.  You could come dressed as any character in a movie, though they did request no scary costumes.  

Having been the wonderful recipient of several incredibly-made costumes by my magnificent mother, I really wanted to make Isaiah a costume (this also gave me a chance to see something accomplished!).  I decided that Peter Pan would be a nice easy costume to make (and here is a special shout-out to my sister-in-law, Sandra who gave me the simple pattern book that I used as a basis for the costume.  Thank you Sandra!!!!!).

Here's the first try-on session. Isn't he a cute Peter Pan!  Unfortunately, we got stuck in traffic on our way to the school, so he wasn't able to be in the costume judging, but that's ok.  He was still stinkin' cute, and we had fun!

Posing for his daddy

My friend Deanna was Tinkerbell.  I don't know why we have a serious Peter Pan in this shot.

Isaiah and Lydia, naturally!  Lydia was an adorable fairy all in pink!

We decided to skip the dagger part of the costume, in case you were wondering, maybe when he's a little older.

My little Peter Pan is keeping me young. :)


Carisa said...
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Carisa said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, it's so nice to *meet you* Your son is adorable!
ps-I deleted my first comment because I saw the little girl and thought she was yours too and then went on to read a bit more and returned to fix it! :)

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

Love that last picture of you both! You're so crafty! I love his costume :)

CristyLynn said...

Thanks for visiting!
Lydia is a pretty little girl, but indeed, not mine. We have lots of fun playing with her, though. Her mom is great!

Thanks for the compliment--I had fun making it. I've enjoyed seeing your many creations!

Kelly said...

That is an absolutely great costume...I am so jealous that you can sew (and sew well). You would never know I was a home ec. minor. ;) I love the picture of the two of you...you both are so happy!!

Mandi said...

Great pics! Too cute.

Sandra said...

Hey Cristy,
Isaiah looked sooo cute in the Peter Pan costume. I am glad you are finding some things to do out of the pattern book. Give everyone my love. Love and miss you all lots! Sandra

CristyLynn said...


Everything looks better in pictures. :) Sewing has become a great therapeutic activity for me since moving to Russia. I thank God that He has given me this "outlet".

Thanks! I think so, too. :)

I have certainly been using that book! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And the more I sew, the more I am able to adapt the patterns to what I need for Isaiah. I think I'll be able to use it for quite a while. Consider yourself hugged!