16 September 2008

Way Up High in the Sky

Living in St. Petersburg affords us all kinds of interesting experiences.  Last week we had yet another first to add to the list.  Our field director from InterAct was visiting with us while he met a team of people coming to do some work in Siberia.  We got to hang out with the team for a little bit before they headed further east.  Naturally they wanted to see some sites of St. P while they were here, and we were happy to help out with showing them around.

We went to St. Isaac's Cathedral, a really fascinating place.  During communism it was actually a museum about atheism.  Now it's been given back to the Orthodox church and is a museum for them.  It's really quite impressive.  And if you pay a little extra you can go up to the colonnade and see the entire city really well.  Having never done this before, I was excited to make the few hundred step hike.  Thomas and I swapped Isaiah back and forth as we climbed our way to the top.  But this isn't the "first" that I really want to tell you about.

About half way up, Thomas was carrying Isaiah and made the tell-tale sniff.  Yep, you guessed it, we had a little delivery to take care of.  In case you are wondering, there wasn't exactly a changing station in this twisting stair case leading us to the top.  Nor was there a changing station once you got to the top.  Not wanting to leave Isaiah's, um, gift, unattended, we did what we had to do.  

And now I can say that I've changed a diaper "way up high in the sky" with the wind whipping around and everything.  Yeah, life is never boring with Little Man.

Thomas and Isaiah--notice the relief on both their faces. :)

I'm not actually trying to look like a Russian woman here, it was cold, and my ears needed warmth!

It's fun having visitors for lots of reasons, but one of the reasons is because we have a chance for family photos!


JAB said...

Funny how those stinky blessings come at the...um...craziest times. Love the pics!

The Marks Family said...

He is getting so big and cuter and cuter everyday. I know ya'll are having the best time with him.