17 September 2008

It's Cold!

Suddenly it's winter.  We enjoyed some really great days the end of August, but in September the weather took a quick decline to colder temperatures!  In fact, it's so cold that I keep forgetting that it's only September!  "Christmas is not just around the corner,"  I keep reminding myself.

Anyway, I think it shall become a tradition to post some pics of Isaiah sporting his cold-weather gear.

Because we don't control our heat, it's not on yet in our house.  One day he was quite toasty warm in this outfit from my friend Charity.  She sent it to us when Isaiah was born, and now he can finally wear it!  No, he didn't wear the hat around the house, too; we were getting ready to go out, and for that I also added a nice warm jacket and tights under his pants.

And then it got really cold and windy, so we finally broke down and bout him a "polar suit".  I call him my little puffball in this outfit.  Our biggest concern was keeping his legs warm, which tends to be a challenge at times; but this outfit keeps his legs very warm!  This expression is a new favorite for Isaiah to do when he sees the camera.

And I just like this one, not of me really, but of him looking at me.


atkins7330 said...

Just think where there is cold weather snow is not far behind. I love the pics especially the one of you and Isaiah. Where did you find the Polarsuit, it is great.

JAB said...

I can't believe you guys are already dealing with layers and polar suits...we FINALLY got a break over here. It is perfect keep-your-window-open weather. Definitely like that last pic.

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

What a sweet boy!!

grandma slawson said...

Love Isaiah's polar suit !!

Kelly said...

Wow, that cold so soon?!? We are just starting to get the nip in the air in the mornings/evenings which means fall is here...yeah!! I love his polar suit and his new smile for the camera...so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe it could be that cold somewhere:) It was nice enough here last week I actually strolled to Walmart and bought a few groceries. I thought of ya'll and how this is what you have to do everyday!
Love the new smile! There is nothing like it when they look at you so sweet. Love, Beth