27 June 2008

Please Pray for Baby Joe

Some yet unseen friends whom we have come to know a little through support and blogs and such are in need of prayers right now.  Seven weeks ago they had a precious little boy (their 8th child), and they named him Joe.

Right now Joe is in the PICU.  He will probably be there for a little while.  His parents Fletch and Kendra are able to be with him.  Joe also has one on one care with a nurse.  Fletch and Kendra are posting updates on Kendra's blog.  Please visit there for more details.  I'm also adding a link at the top of the column to the left of the posts.  Please click that link in the days to come so that you can continue to pray for this family and see what the Lord is doing in and for them.  

Thank you.

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