20 May 2008

Some New Creativity From Some Creative Friends

I don't know if you've noticed one of the "blog rolls" to the left as you scroll down, but I have a category called "Some Friends' Creativity".  I have some really creative friends.  Some of them are sharing their talents with the world on the internet from making blogs more attractive, or enhancing photographs and stationery, to making people more attractive in cute clothes, my friends can really do good work.

Well, two more sites are now available and highlight the creativity of some of my friends.
My cousin, Sharon and one of her friends have started  a site to help people save money in their regular shopping.  Check out The Checkout Chicks to see how you can use coupons and other special deals to save lots of pennies, nickels, dimes, dollars.

My friends Aimee and Candace have started Mommy Who?  A Resource for Moms Who Feel Anonymous.  They feature special moms and also give great tips for organizing the hectic lives that we moms live, meal planning ideas, helps for helping the environment in our homes, and just plain good ideas for helping moms keep their sanity and remember what's important.
So, I hope that you'll check out my friends' creativity and get some good ideas for saving money or time or have a good laugh at some interesting stories.

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Thanks for the plug Cristy!