18 May 2008

Celebrating Friends

Isaiah's friend, Lydia turned 2, and we were very happy to be included in her birthday celebration.  Lydia is a wonderful little girl, very gentle and kind.  Isaiah enjoys playing with her, especially when she runs from one room to another and he gets to chase her!

The party started at the park near Lydia's house, which was a big hit with all the kids.  Isaiah's favorite part was, of course, the sand box.

Here's the Birthday Girl, herself, enjoying some fun in the sand.

Isaiah enjoyed his first time to play with bubbles.

"What ya doin' over there?"  Isaiah loves to watch the other kids playing around, too.
Lydia's mom made an amazing cake, which was fun to look at and to eat after the yummy sloppy joes that she made.  I had forgotten how good sloppy joes are, and certainly didn't expect to enjoy some in Russia.

The amazing and delicious caterpillar cake!

Lydia successfully blowing out her candles.
We are very thankful that God is providing friends for Thomas and me, and some wonderful friends for Isaiah as well.  He loves being around other kids, and we praise God for providing even in this area!

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