08 May 2008

Meet Our New Friend and Helper

In case you haven't picked up on this tidbit from some previous posts, learning Russian is tough.  I had no idea.  I'm still getting over the fact that how you use a number in sentence can effect the name of the number.  So far, I've learned about 5 different ways to say the number 1. 

That being said, I've also learned that it's really, really hard to study Russian at home with Isaiah.  Twice a week I'm gone to my lesson and Thomas takes excellent care of Isaiah.  (I have a wonderful husband!)  But time to actually study during the day when my brain functions better (as opposed to after Isaiah is in bed and my brain is like jell-o) are few and far between.

After discussing this issue with several people, including our very wise field director and father of 3, we decided that we needed to get some help, someone to spend some time with Isaiah.  Over here that person is a called a nanny.  Now, "nanny" in this context does not mean
 someone living with us and taking care of all responsibility for Isaiah while go off and work or shop or get my nails done, or whatever.  "Nanny" is much closer to a babysitter or playmate with experience.

Thinking about finding a nanny was really hard for me.  Leaving Isaiah with Thomas is really hard for me, and he does a fabulous job!  We started praying about finding just the right someone.  And what do you know, God provided!  He's pretty good about that sort of thing, don't you think?

Julia (actually Youlya in Russian) is a very gentle, kind young Christian woman who is (get this!) studying to be a nurse!  We could not be more pleased with the nanny that God has provided for us.  Right now we don't have a regular schedule of when she comes (maybe about 6 hours/week), but in the fall we are hoping to have something more concrete.  She is so great with Isaiah, and she is able to catheterize him, which means that I can have some great blocks of time for studying and not have to worry one bit (well, that part is getting easier).

So, we are thankful to introduce to you, Julia, our new friend and helper!


Pam said...

Why are we surprised when God meets our needs in such a wonderful way. A Nanny that is a Christian plus studying to be a nurse, "Lord I stand amazed in your presence!"

Amy said...

Isn't God good?

guitta chaiban hogue said...

that is such a blessing! I am so glad for you guys!! I love seeing the Lord provide for you guys--it is so encouraging.

to answer the questions you asked on the blog: We traveled to Newellton, LA (about 1hr45min) to be with his family. And Jim (boy in the red shirt) won one race and the boy in blue/gray (Daniel) won the other. So it was two different races. :)

love you
give isaiah a kiss from aunt guitta!!

The Nelsons said...

What a blessing! It's so great to hear how God is providing for you over there. I cannot imagine what a daunting task it would be to find someone in a foreign country with the proper skills and big heart to care or Isaiah (or even ourselves for that matter!
God is so good!

js said...

This is a wonderful blessing! I am so glad that the Lord provided for your need!

Robin said...

That is a GREAT idea! And just think, it's helping to support a Christian college student. The Lord is good, and I think that the improved progress you'll see will help in your over-all sense of well-being in Russia. Great decision!