30 April 2008

Not Necessarily in the Dictionary

Boy:  A noise with some dirt on it
Isaiah and I got to play with his friend Lydia earlier this week.  Lydia and her parents live near a really great park, and Isaiah decided that he was no longer content to sit in his stroller and watch or to have me carry him around the park and sit on different things, oh no!  He wanted to get down and move around on his own!  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera close enough to capture his first moments of playing IN the sand, but here's the "after" picture.  I think he was really proud of how dirty he was.  (I wish that you could really see the whole effect, complete with little twigs sticking to his pants and everything!)

Well, Isaiah had so much fun, that I thought we'd try it again at our own park this afternoon after my lesson.  He sat for a while, but then he got serious!  He even had a little friend, Dema, to play with.

Dema was showing Isaiah some of the best ways to play in the sand.

Getting a lesson in shoveling
And I went home with a very, very, very dirty but very happy little boy!


Grandma Slawson said...

Hey Mommy, That's what baths are for. Right Isaiah? Can't wait to play in the sand with you.
Lots of Love, Grandma Slawson

Janelle said...

He's all boy isn't he? :) Love it!

CristyLynn said...

Yes, he is definitely all boy, AND he is getting a lot more baths!
Yesterday he was playing in the sand box, and another boy tossed a big truck in (he didn't see Isaiah) and it walloped Isaiah in the face near his eye--Isaiah didn't even flinch! He's one tough Little Man! (and he only has a very small bruise, doesn't even show up on a picture)

The Schwant Family said...

he looks ready to come to the beach a teach his good buddy Jack a thing or two!

guitta chaiban hogue said...

ha! that's great! being dirty is part of the childhood experience. he is looking more and more like thomas lately.

can't wait to see him and you!
love, guitta