27 March 2008

Some Play Time at Home

So this week Isaiah and I have pretty much been housebound.  He had a slight temperature off and on the first part of the week, with a few other symptoms that don't need to be plastered all over the internet.  Today a pretty nasty cold seems to have settled in his head.  We are thankful that the fever was just what seems to be the beginning of a cold and nothing more serious.  Isaiah has still wanted to play, and I thought that I would show you some of his fun indoors.  (All right, confession time--I had this post written a long time ago, and just realized that I hadn't posted it yet.  A really sharp eye might notice the difference, but oh well, that's what happens with busy mamas.  So a few minutes of editing, and voila! a new post is here for your enjoyment.)

One of Isaiah's favorite play spots inside is his squirrel chair (our language teachers decided that the animal head belonged to a squirrel, so it must be so!).  He'll crawl over to the chair and look back at me expectantly with a sweet smile, knowing that I'll help him get the rest of the way in the chair.  His chair has also been the spot for learning some new things.  For instance, I was working on him calling for me instead of just saying "Aaah!  Aaah!"  very loudly.  Whenever he made his "I need you" sound, I reminded him to say my name.  Isaiah quickly learned to say with his sweetest little raspy voice "Mama", which of course melts my heart and gets my attention to help him.

After a while I realized that he could get his toys for himself while sitting comfortably in his chair.  This has worked out well for both of us, giving him some more independence and me a few extra minutes to review vocab or check email or blog, all while still keeping a close eye on him and a hand ever ready.

Besides the pucker, this is Isaiah's other concentration look, bottom lip poked out.
Ok, and now something new to add (or brag about, I suppose)!  Lately I've also been working with Isaiah to learn how to clean up his toys before supper.  He's been doing very well, too.  He's even strong enough to push himself up high with one hand while putting a toy in his box with the other hand.  Ok, but I digress.  As I am sitting here editing this post, Isaiah had emptied the toys from his toybox all around him on the floor--nothing unusual about that.  THEN I look up and notice him one-by-one picking up his toys and putting them back in the box.  He had put back all the toys that he could reach from his chair!  What a smart Little Man!


guitta chaiban hogue said...

i ADORE that pouting lower lip when he's concentrating. i'm all about cloning the little man.

The Schwant Family said...

precious boy. i hope he'll teach jack the clean up trick in july!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks to you both! I think that the world could use a few more little people like Isaiah, but then I am biased. Maybe you can invest in some, Guitta. :)

And maybe Jack can teach Isaiah some about talking! I think that they would be great friends!