26 March 2008


So as I've mentioned it's Spring in Russia.  And what goes better with Spring than the biggest snow that we've seen since we've been here, of course!  Yesterday afternoon around 3, the closest thing to a blizzard that I've ever seen started falling.  I think we got almost a foot of snow.  Right now of course, I hear it melting, but more snow is predicted tonight.

Unfortunately we are not able to get out and enjoy the snow right now.  Isaiah has a bit of a virus, which is keeping him and therefore me rather housebound at the moment.  So we're enjoying the beauty from the safety of our apartment for now.

On another weather note, the days are getting much longer lately.  While I'm really enjoying the lighter sky, I'm finding it a strange adjustment.  For instance, I almost forgot to start supper at a reasonable time last night because I didn't realize that it was almost 5pm (and the chicken needed to cook for at least an hour!).  The sky was so light, even with snow falling, that I thought it must be closer to 3pm than 5pm.  But I admit that I'm really ready for this adjustment.  I'm ready to say goodbye to the dark days of winter!

Oh wait, it's snowing again!

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