21 February 2008

Who Are You?

So there's this quiz available on the internet that tells you which Jane Austen character you are. I don't usually go for these types of things (there are a TON on facebook), but I was slightly curious this time. I followed the link from a friend's blog and took the quiz. If you are familiar with the more popular Austen books, then you could probably figure out which of the multiple choice answers would lead to which of the possible characters. Despite the slight predictability (to me anyway), I found the quiz enjoyable and thought that I would pass the opportunity on to anyone here who would like to take it. Maybe it's the therapist in me, but I think it's always good to try to know yourself better, just don't get too caught up in making strict comparisons to literary characters-don't sell yourself short or box yourself in.

And by the way,

I am Elinor Dashwood!

If that means anything to you, great. If not, that's OK, too. I told Thomas that he now needed to watch Sense and Sensibility with me to learn more about me, and he said, "You want me to watch Sense and Pridability or Pride and Prejubility?" somewhat incredulously. He then asked for drugs to endure the movie. I'm still hoping that he'll more willing subject himself to what I think are really great movies.

And just in case you are interested...Take the quiz for yourself.

Hope you have a splendidly wonderful day!


Julie Fuller said...

Eh, the quiz thinks I should be Elizabeth Bennet, but I always thought I was most like Elinor too--except I never thought Edward was very interesting; of all of Austen's heroines I thought Elinor kinda got the worst deal. (Well, besides perhaps the gal from Northanger Abbey, which I don't really remember apart from disliking it!)

Anyway, P&P '95 came on TV the other night, and I actually "caught" Seth watching some of it! Which cracked me up, because usually he gives me a hard time about watching any of the long Austen miniserieses (miniserii?), too. I think he actually likes Sense and Sensibility, though.

CristyLynn said...

I agree that Edward was not he best catch in the world, though he was nice. I have only seen the Emma Thompson Sense and Sensibility and have not read the book. Perhaps my impression at this point is strongly influenced by the fact that Hugh Grant played Edward.
But I think that we both got a better gentleman than either Elinor or Anne!

Amy said...

I'm Elinor, too. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie - may need to watch it again to see how I agree with those results. :-)

The Schwant Family said...

I'm Elinor too!

Loved our chat, love you!

js said...

Okay, I was Elinor too. Hmmmm!

Anonymous said...

tee hee I'm Eliza Bennet here too! I didn't even try to pick all of hers. :)

David said...

I turned out to be Marianne Dashwood. I'll have to go back and watch the movie now because I don't remember her character at all. I love quizzes. What an amusing waste of time!