25 February 2008

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Today is a special day because it's my grandpa's birthday, and he's  a special guy.

My grandpa has taught me lots of things like how to chase HUGE pigs away so they won't eat the fish you just caught; how to "pick" potatoes; that strawberries taste really good on mashed potatoes; that coconut cakes or pies are just as good as chocolate ones (though I might need a little more convincing on that one); how to drive a tractor and bale hay; how to be willing to change as you grow; and how to love quietly and consistently and loyally, though he would say "tolerate" instead of "love".

Grandpa has taught me lots of things that I will always remember and that I hope that I can teach Isaiah.  Grandpa's already taught Isaiah how to enjoy a good waffle!

I love you, Grandpa!  Happy Birthday!

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