01 February 2008


Isaiah is very good at pulling things out of bags or boxes or suitcases or anything that might have an opening.  For a while I've been working with him on putting things inside the bag or box or well, you get the idea.

Well, we've been able to add an element to our evening routine.  Every night just before supper is ready, he sits on his motorcycle and helps me clean up his toys by putting them in his toy box.  He does a really good job, too, hardly ever missing the mark. 

I'm not sure how to say what I want to say about his accomplishments without sounding negative about his condition, but I also want people to realize how hard he works and how much God has enabled him to do.  The reason he hasn't been able to perfect this skill earlier as most children do is because the way that he's most mobile is on his tummy; and well, try moving around on your stomach, picking up an object and lifting it several inches above your head and putting it into a box while also maintaining your balance and not rolling over onto your back.  Now that he can be sitting on his motorcycle, this job is much easier!  It has also given me another opportunity to teach him obedience and praise him for his hard work and obedience.  I love "catching him doing good" as one of my professors always told us to do.

All right, Mama, let's clean!

Looking over a job well done!  Now, let's eat!

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Anonymous said...

"catching him doing good" ...Dr. R in Loving Obedience. Gotta love that book!!!! I recently taught a motherhood study on it at our church.
- Rachel Schulte