02 February 2008

Night Night

Isaiah's bedtime has become a very special family time.  We all sit on the bed in our room (yes, here we share a room, but thankfully Isaiah does have his own bed), and we read a short passage of scripture and pray together.  As soon as "Amen" is pronounced, Isaiah starts to get excited.  It didn't take long for him to learn that after family worship time came special snuggle time with Daddy.  The last few nights he has literally thrown himself at Thomas, and I had to hold him back because Thomas was in transition from sitting to lying down.

First they snuggle and squeeze, then Isaiah starts his attempts to get Daddy's tongue.  He tries to fake Daddy out by pretending he's actually interested in the ear, but soon his true motives become clear.  My favorite part is when he tries to entice Daddy to stick out his tongue by showing Daddy his own tongue.  Somehow, Daddy always manages to pull his tongue back into his mouth just in the nick of time.  Maybe someday...

Starting out with those sweet hugs
Really, Daddy, all I want is your ear...see, like my ear
Almost got it that time!
One last squeeze!