27 January 2008

Project Big 3-0 Declared Success!

So, as you've seen, our time in Germany was great!  We got to spend time with my parents, watch Isaiah enjoy them, eat some good food (some food was better than others), see some historical sites, rest a little bit and celebrate my 30th birthday.

Yep, that's right, I'm 30.  It hasn't seemed to effect me really, turning 30 that is.  I guess the old saying "age is a state of mind" might be somewhat true.  My mind is so confused these days that I can't remember how old I am.
When I was 5 my mother turned 30, and her birthday happened to be on a Sunday that year.  Apparently I was really excited about this because I told EVERYONE that I saw that my mom was "The Big 3-0".  For some reason she didn't seem to appreciate that very much.  Well, this year was finally her year of payback.  She and my sweet father wanted to make sure that as many people as possible knew that this birthday was "The Big 3-0" for me, which actually had some pretty pleasant results.

Every time I went into my parents room in Berlin, I found cards on their bed addressed to me!  Yes, every single time!  I think I received over 50 birthday cards--that's got to be some kind of record!  I even got a card from the Jr. Girls and an entire 3rd grade class at my old school!  And on my actual birthday Mama pulls out presents!  I felt overwhelmed all week with the knowledge that so many people were thinking about me and wanted me to know that they were thinking of me.  I always knew that my church family and other NC family is incredibly special and thoughtful and caring.  I've been the recipient of that wonderful care in the past.  But this time knowing that so many people cared about making my birthday special even when I was so far away...well, I feel humbled and thankful and amazed!  I love the body of Christ!  I love that distance and time cannot prevent us from showing love to each other because we have received such great love from Him!

I am inadequate to properly thank everyone who sent me cards and greetings and well-wishes on my birthday.  I wish that I could give every single person a great big hug, but well, a few thousand miles kind of makes that impossible.  I am incredibly grateful, though for the love that has been given to me, and I plan on giving as many of those hugs this summer that I can!  You are in my prayers as we serve our great God in the places that He has called us to be!


The Nelsons said...

Oh! Happy Belated Birthday! The Big 3-0 isn't so bad is it?? Hugs!

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, Anna! I don't think 30 is too bad at all. I feel about the same, and just as happy!