27 January 2008

Pictures From our Last Day

Our last day in Berlin was a wonderful ending to a wonderful week.  It was also our only day without rain!  We enjoyed walking around without umbrellas and taking tons of more pictures.  It was also my birthday.  Being able to spend my birthday with my parents was extra special.  There were also tons of surprises, which deserve their own post.

Here are most of the pictures from our last day.  There are actually still a few on my camera because for some reason I can't find the card reader!  Hopefully soon I can share the sweet pictures of Isaiah saying goodbye to his grandparents.


guitta chaiban hogue said...

was it GERMAN chocolate cake????

;) Happy Birthday, dear friend!!
i miss you a lot.

love, guitta

CristyLynn said...

Actually, the cake originated in Austria, first made by a man named Sasha who was a chef/baker at a hotel. But my cake was made in Germany!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I miss you a lot, too!
I'm glad it seems that your computer is back and working!

Love you!