21 January 2008

Berlin-Day Four

Our day in Wittenburg was definitely a wonderful experience.  To realize that we were in the place where the Reformation began was almost overwhelming!  We were able to sit in on part of a service in the church that Luther pastored in Wittenburg.  (Sadly, I don't think Luther would be very pleased with the state of things currently, but at one time the gospel was clearly proclaimed from that pulpit.)

This is the church where Luther was pastor and first questioning some of the Catholic church practices

Here are Isaiah and Thomas by the pulpit in Luther's church

We saw the spot where the original doors hung on which Luther nailed his now famous 95 theses.  The original doors burned down several hundred years ago, and they were replaced with bronze doors on which are carved the 95 theses.

How thankful we are to God for opening Luther's heart and mind and protecting him with faithful German princes so that the gospel could spread rapidly over Germany and then Europe and then to our own home country.  And to think that now we are a part of spreading that gospel even further around the world! 

I think you could say that Isaiah enjoyed his day in Wittenburg and all the time with his grandparents 

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