13 May 2013

Big Happenings Around Here - Part II

So, we finished January with sickness, and we had a few days of feeling better at the beginning of February before RSV came to visit.  It was so sad.  I'll spare you the pictures.

Thankfully on his birthday (I can't believe he's 7!) Isaiah felt a little bit better...

trust me, this was an amazing turn around from Monday to Wednesday!

He wasn't quite well enough to have his party, but he was well enough to enjoy his birthday waffle, complete with ice cream, M&M's and chocolate syrup.

In time for Valentine's Day I discovered a food blog that I really enjoy:  Yammie's Noshery.  I knew her blog was a winner when I found this recipe:  Red Velvet Nutella Rolls.  Yeah.  They are even better than they sound and look!

This is Isaiah's content face because breakfast was soooooooo good!

After weeks inside except for the occasional visit to a doctor's office, the kids and I made it out for a walk!  They seemed as if they hadn't seen cars before!  We were all quite excited.

With all the inside time, I had a chance to do some more sewing and actually share with the world my enjoyment by launching Cristy Makes and Bakes.  The kids helped me test out some of the therapeutic bean bags that I make.

Not long after his 7th birthday, Isaiah lost his first tooth!  It had been loose for a while, so Daddy did the honors and got the job done.

Still as handsome as ever...

When Nadia was a baby, we stayed in a hotel, and along with the pack-n-play came a little bag of goodies that included a small rubber duck.  Since the night she got that duck, she had to have it in bed with her.  That duck got a lot of love and attention, and when teething started, he began to slowly lose parts of his body.  One day the duck tragically disappeared before bedtime (not planned by us), and Thomas and I decided it was probably time for him to retire.

So when we did find the duck, we sneakily wrapped him up and hid him in a drawer to be revealed to her at a later date for a keepsake.  And yes, we tried replacing the duck, but she will not be fooled by imitations!

By the end of February we were all feeling well enough to celebrate Isaiah's birthday with some friends.  I wish that I had more pictures with his wonderful friends, but it was really loud at the bowling alley and hard to keep up with everything!

Everyone seemed to have a blast - including the birthday boy, of course!

We are so thankful for God providing friends for our family so quickly, and seeing Isaiah enjoy his day with his friends was a great reminder of how God takes care of us in so many ways!

We were also thankful that February ended with better health than the beginning!

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