04 April 2013

Easter 2013

Here's a little look at our Easter this year, which was actually a beautiful weekend in Oregon!

Isaiah was ready for work!  Let's color some eggs!

Seeing Isaiah enjoy his green egg so much made me glad that I boiled all those eggs. 

We found Russian Easter bread at a local Russian bakery!

Not the best picture of Nadia's dress, but I was very pleased with how it came out.

Nadia was quite pleased as well!  She found the dress hanging in my room on Saturday, and she said, "What's this?!  Pre-e-e-tty!"  Yes, I smiled and let her wear it around for a little while!  Trying to get a picture of her in it was a bit challenging, though!

Thanks to a friend, Thomas and I were able to have an impromptu lunch date and actually got things for baskets for the kiddos, not something we've always planned on.  Isaiah was pretty happy with his new Woody toy, and Nadia with her Jessie.

The many faces of Isaiah...

My favorite part of Nadia's dress...She kept touching each matryoshka and saying, "lady, lady, lady".

A picture of them together just wasn't working this year, but I'm glad that they liked their toys!

And I smile when I look at this picture!  Gotta love these two!

Happy Easter! 

Christ is risen!  He is risen indeed!

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