22 October 2012


These two just get more and more fun.

High fives are abundant at our house

If brother doesn't cooperate, Nadia will simply pick up his hand and give him the high five, but he's usually quite eager to comply.

Nadia frequently gives Isaiah random hugs and kisses, but this time, Isaiah wanted Nadia to sit in his lap.  Nadia had to have a baby in her lap.  Look closely, and you can tell Isaiah by the squinted eye and rounded cheek that has a big grin as he loves on his sister.

Thomas is home again!  We stayed so busy during his absence, that I didn't have the mental energy to share our exploits while he was gone.  I'll try to show some of the fun things we've been up to, but of course, mainly try to show off the cuteness of my children in the process. :)

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