07 June 2012

Sweet and Salty

{Lots and lots has been going on.  I haven't blogged about birthdays and special events, which I know I'll regret later because I won't remember details, but for now, I'm taking a quick moment before Nadia wakes up and while Isaiah has some iPad time to write from my heart about a special group of people.}

I know there are people out there who don't love the sweet/salty combination, but really, how can you turn down a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup?  I mean, it's sweet with chocolate and salty with peanut butter.  And I remember when I worked at a car dealership before moving to MS.  For every employee's birthday we would have a cake.  My direct boss taught me the wonderful treat of eating my cake and the saltiest of potato chips at the same time.  Yum!

But here lately, sweet and salty are mixing in my life, and it's not as tasty as chocolate and peanut butter or cake and chips.

Sweet?  We're moving to the pacific northwest.  I love that part of the country.  I like the adventure of a big move (though not the packing details!).  There are plusses for living in the cooler climate.   A huge Russian population lives in the area where we'll be.

Salty?  Well, not to be overly dramatic or stretch an analogy, but that salt is coming from my eyes.  Not only are we saying goodbyes to family and dear friends, but there's a whole other group of people that have pieces of our hearts.

Today Isaiah had his last occupational therapy appointment.  A week from today he'll have his last physical therapy appointment and say goodbye to the last round of doctors who have cared for him over the past 6 years.  When I think about leaving these people who have loved our son and given him what he needs, some of them often fighting for his care, I find myself in a puddle of salt.

How can I say thank you to the surgeons who have repaired Isaiah's body?  How can I express my heart to the therapists who have taught Isaiah how to do things for himself and taught me how to take of my son and listened to my fears and loved Isaiah in ways that I wouldn't have expected "just a therapist" to love him?

I know that God has just the right therapists and doctors prepared for Isaiah in OR, but I really want to pack every one of them up from here and take them with me.  I thank God for these medical professionals.  I'm thankful that even if I don't see them again here, many of them will be worshipping God with me in heaven one day!


Katie Almy said...

I hear you sister. I'm not sure I would handle leaving Batson with so much grace. The Lord is going before you, though, and has prepared clinicians and therapists to love Isaiah in the next chapter of his life.

e said...

im WAY behind on your life. call me! didn't even know you were moving!!!! WHEN???? i'll be in jxn the 19th of june

Danielle said...

Love you Cristy! Praying for you!