02 April 2012

A Whole New Wheel

Been a little swamped the past 5 weeks or so.  Isaiah's recovery from the VEPTR surgery has been rough, but I don't really have the energy to write about that right now.  I'd much rather show you something fun...

We were blessed to get a new wheelchair for Isaiah.  His first chair was close to 70 pounds.  This new chair is under 20.  He's getting used to the new feel of it, and his mobility has increased dramatically the last week.

And Nadia, well, she's certainly keeping us on our toes!  I'll fill you in, eventually.

Oh, and congrats, Kentucky.

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Danielle said...

So fun to see him wheeling around like that!! Go Isaiah! Miss you!

Charity said...

wow - I LOVE the new chair. I can't believe they can make them for only 20 pounds! What an awesome difference that will make for him (and you & Thomas as you lift it!). Now you'll really be ready for your marathon; you'll be chasing after him as he's flying down the road! =)

Happy Resurrection week, dear Cristy!
~ Charity