07 April 2012

Some Last Minute Daddy Time

I used to think of myself as organized, and I haven't given up on that dream, but a new reality has set in. I'm just thankful that my husband can roll with the punches and step in for some unorganized, last minute fun.
Like dying eggs for instance.
Nadia and Isaiah waited (somewhat) patiently as Daddy had to go get the vinegar I didn't have but that they needed. And yes, Isaiah was reading that Rachel Ray magazine.

Daddy patiently cleaned up some early messes, but both the kids seemed to get the hang of the process pretty well.

Every time Daddy helped Nadia check her egg, she would say, "OOOOOOOO!", ever so dramatically and enthusiastically. We also heard lots of, "I do do it!" (and that's not a typo)

Some silliness occurred while waiting for the eggs, of course.

Isaiah did a great job identifying the colors of the plastic eggs! Nadia enjoyed trying to smash the pieces together.

You can see some of the finished product on the right.

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