19 March 2012

Monday and Tuesday

Things have been a little different lately, even for us. Isaiah's recent post-op recovery time was the longest we've experienced yet. Monday was 3 weeks, and he's still not wanting to get around as much as he used to, but his spirits have dramatically improved!

So, as we venture back into society, here are some new things with the Slawsons:

Our friends who work at Walmart are happy to see us again. The guys who restock the meat coolers were giving Isaiah high fives as he tried to wheel himself around. Another lady stopped us for five minutes while she cleaned so she could know where we had been. (great opportunities threw themselves at us!)

And Isaiah made it wheeling himself almost the whole time at Walmart. Hide and seek really helps, if you don't mind getting funny looks.

We've "discovered" a small play area in our neighborhood where both the kids can play somewhat independently as long as mama is easily available.

Nadia is using a booster seat at the table. She's super proud of herself.

Nadia is also starting to look like a "toddler". She's quite entertaining.

We start therapy again this week. I'm hoping getting back into that will push Isaiah through the hesitancy he seems to have to try some physical activities.

We crashed a birthday party at our neighbor's and had a blast!

If you say "go" in any context around Nadia, be prepared for her to grab her shopping cart and head for the door.

I love to hear Isaiah calling for "Boys!" as we walk around outside. He's almost all the way back!

And some random pictures:

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