17 January 2012

Update on Nadia

I haven't posted about Nadia here recently, other than the video to show how active she is even when she goes "night night".

She's due an update, and today is a really good day to give one.

First the big news:  Everything is really fine.  Before Christmas Nadia started physical therapy because at 18 months, she still wasn't walking.  Isaiah's pt was kind enough to do an evaluation, which produced some strange results, so she referred us to a neurologist.  The neurologist recognized our last name, and squeezed Nadia into her very full schedule.

Here's the summary of what the doctor told us:

Doctor, is there anything degenerative? "No, no, no, triple no!"  Very comforting to our ears, of course.  The theory is that due to her premature birth, Nadia has had low tone in the past, which delayed her progress, and which is now improving.  We are checking out other causes, just in case.  So after seeing the doctor, Nadia got to have blood drawn, a real joy.  She also had an X-ray of her spine, just to make sure there were no deformities.

The blood work showed slightly elevated muscle enzymes, which the nurse told me were not high enough to be cause for concern, but they would probably check them again the next time she comes in. The X-ray of her spine showed a slight side curve near the very bottom, but so slight that it could be explained by the fact that Nadia wasn't lying still or straight on the table.  It took me and another tech to try to keep our little lady still - though thankfully she didn't cry during X-ray.  Again, that's something that can be checked at another visit.

We have an MRI scheduled for February 2, but if Nadia progresses satisfactorily before that time, we will cancel the MRI.  They are just stinkin' hard* to schedule, so we'd rather have it on the books in case we need it.  The MRI will look at brain development, naturally, looking specifically at myelin growth and her cerebellum.  Since Nadia seems to have balance issues, the doctor mentioned the cerebellum.  

So what do we do now?  We continue physical therapy and pray for her to start walking sooner rather than later!

Now here's some fun pictures of our very active, very funny, very hungry, very active, fun-loving, friendly, energetic, very active, banana-loving little girl.  Did I mention that she's very active?

I didn't know a child could love bananas this much.

One of our out-takes from Thanksgiving, taking family pictures has become quite a challenge!

Nadia was very proud of the cherry pie she made.  Oh, and one shoe on, one shoe off, is quite a common look for our fashionista.

I love to try to get pictures of my 2 kids together, but again, any picture with Nadia being still is not a guarantee!

Getting read for Christmas!

This girl has a healthy appetite!  She loved these apple turnovers, in case you were curious.

And she's fascinated with chairs.  She will push a chair to where I am so I can help her sit in it.

This is one of her favorite spots--by the window to watch the trains and play with the "busy block".

I just love this look

First time to make Christmas cookies

Everybody needs a messy pasta picture at some point in their life.

Enjoying the swing at Grandma and Grandaddy's over Christmas

She loves accessories, this little girl of ours

Christmas Day, getting ready for church, she had to have her hat.

Nadia, you will definitely keep me young with all your fun, energetic antics over the coming years.  I love you, and I love how much you  love your family.  You are so much fun!  I can't imagine life without you!

*That's for you, Aunt Vanessa :)

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