24 January 2012

And, She's Up!

Forgive the angle in the video below, but Nadia wouldn't "perform" if I had the phone in my hands to record her newest trick.

YouTube Video

And here's an update on our sweet girl:

If you recall, Nadia had an X-ray of her back that showed the very slightest curvature in the lower section (lumbar region). She was scheduled to have an MRI February 2 to check some things in her head. Since she would already be sedated for that MRI, we asked the doctor if it would be wise to go ahead and check that lumbar region now rather than taking the chance that we might have to repeat the procedure. The doctor agreed this was a good idea, so Nadia's MRI was moved to February 21 and will include her head and lumbar region.

Thank you for your prayers for our precious bundle of energy. We are certainly encouraged by her progress and trust that in time God will "catch her up" so to speak.

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